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     The truth prevails. Heretic Greg A. Dixon will not be spreading Kingdom Exclusion to people in the church anymore. Thanks for a member of IBT who wrote and told us, Greg A. Dixon resigned on Wednesday night, July 8. The person who notified us is a long-time member of the church. Their written statement of joy was, “Finally, we can get rid of Kingdom Exclusion from the church.” Apparently, the new pastor does not believe in Kingdom Exclusion at all. The Emeritus, Greg J. Dixon may have to stop being the Emeritus. He is no longer allowed to bring his church conference meetings there. Those are now all in Paducah, Kentucky. So, Kingdom Exclusion will not be preached by the Emeritus there either. We do not know the reasons for the resignation, but we hope some church leadership men took him to task for his heretical beliefs. We will update this page once we find out the reasons for the resignation. We are just shouting Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!


For more than 50 years, the Dixon duo, father and son, have been manipulating and destroying pastors, Christian workers, and Christian laypersons who have come to disagree with their manner of doing things and their pet beliefs. One of those beliefs is on Kingdom Exclusion. False-Prophet Greg A. Dixon preached a 21 week series on Kingdom Exclusion, trying to convince the people he was speaking to of this false and destructive doctrine. This doctrine which is supposed to keep people out of hell actually had the opposite effect. It controlled people into thinking they were only good enough for the Millennial Kingdom if they agreed with the Dixon’s viewpoint. This is destructive doctrine. Not only that, but this false doctrine also created an atmosphere at their church of sensuality and worldliness that will never be undone in people’s lives. This website is giving hope to those people who were abused by their doctrine and their authority.

Follow the Money, Then Understand the Heresy

     I want to talk about the article in Christianity Today that some people pointed to that showed Dr. Greg Dixon’s resignation from the “Coalition for Religious Freedom.” It was about his disagreement with accepting any Moon Money for the organization and thought by many to have distanced himself from the situation, here is my experience.

I preached a meeting in 1983 in Maryland for Joseph Baine, where he had Everett Sileven and myself and one other man at a Patriot Conference. I am not a patriot, and was only invited by Baine for my street preaching activities, where I and several of my students were being arrested in Virginia. But I wound up at this week long meeting speaking alongside Sileven, and bunked with him at this Christian Camp retreat. Four of us (my driver making the fourth) were all bunked in one cabin, and Sileven slept in the bed next to me. I cannot remember the other preacher’s name. But my young driver and I had gone to the cabin before Sileven and this other preacher came, and we had just laid down when Sileven walked in. He saw me lying on my bed and thought I was asleep. I was laying on my back with my hands clasped behind my head conducting one of those lazy man’s prayer meetings with God.

But I had just laid down, and was quite still awake and heard Sileven’s conversation with the other preacher very clearly, because Sileven was seated on his bed next to mine. They were discussing how Sileven won his battles in Nebraska, and there transition from defeat into victory that started their Coalition for Religious Freedom (CRF) with Greg Dixon. This was one of those times in a young man’s life, where God just flat out tells you to remain quiet and just listen and learn something, and for 30 years have wondered about the significance of having done so, until about 10 years ago in a conversation with Greg Dixon himself.

When this other preacher pressed Sileven, I remember as clear as it was yesterday the man asking, “But Brother, it takes money to turn that thing around. Man, you’re printing full color newsletters now and traveling all over the country speaking. Where did you get the money, from a suit against the government, or what?” And Everett Sileven replied, “This is not to go outside this room, but I accepted 2 million dollars from the Unification Church and the Reverend Moon.” Sileven then spent about ten minutes trying to justify doing so, about fighting the same fight, etc. When I stirred, they clammed up, but Sileven knew I had heard him.

The very next week when back home in Norfolk, I appeared with some of my men in a court case about out street preaching arrests, and was walking out of the court house when a lawyer walked up to me and offered to defend our cases for free, saying he had been contacted by a Christian Coalition that wanted to help me. I met the man later that day at his office, and he explained to me that he had been instructed by this Christian Coalition to contact me, and if I was willing, represent me in my legal fight against the city of Norfolk. In inquiring about this “Coalition” and how they came to have my name, and how they intended to pay for his legal representation, he explained that it was a coalition of Christian churches just recently formed that were all fighting a common cause where the government was seeking to take away our Constitutional Rights. But he also went on to say that the Coalition was funded with grants from the Unification Church, and that there was also funds being proffered to me, to assist in strengthening my ministry financially to help join his fight. I very adamantly refused and walked out.

I am not a fool for anyone but Christ, and know Greg Dixon’s association with Sileven in founding that coalition. Regardless of this past “supposed” severance with Sileven, I have spoken to Dixon twice about his association with Sileven since he still sold his material at UBF meetings. Dr. Dixon told me at York that Sileven/Ramsey was his “Best friend and a wonderful man.” When we sat down to eat at that York meeting, I took the opportunity to relate to him the above firsthand information. When I asked Dr. Dixon about this, he just looked me straight in the face, never said a word, and just politely excused himself from the table saying he had something he needed to do, left to go upstairs, leaving me to eat alone.

And now, having known Greg Dixon on a personal level, and having been a surrogate to help him try to destroy another pastor whom he disagreed with, I have no doubt in my mind that the only reason he severed his ties to the Unification Church and Reverend Moon was because he was FORCED to do so by someone revealing his financial involvement with “Moon Money.” Only Greg Dixon knows how much he personally received as President of the Coalition for Religious Freedom. But Moon Money taints a person forever. It also silences them. Take warning, Brethren. Greg Dixon is not everything his Bio accounts him to be.

Signed, Evangelist/Pastor ___ ______ (VOGD Team verified the email and person giving this account.)

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