Destroyed Churches

Not only individual lives were destroyed by Dr. Greg J. Dixon, but also whole churches were destroyed. This is so sad. We really hope there is judgment at the Judgment Seat of Christ for things like this that Dr. Greg J. Dixon has done in this life. On the other hand, he had better hope there is grace and mercy doled out for his wickedness to others and not stripes or fire. He had better hope in that day that WORKS are being burned by fire and not his SINS.

Dixon the Destroyer – of True Churches and Men

  • “Where do I start? I was used by Dr. Dixon almost 20 years ago to help destroy a church of which I was the associate pastor. A man in the church got mad at our pastor and contacted Dr. Dixon to see if he would help him do something to this pastor. Dr. Dixon got quite involved with coming up with a scheme to destroy this pastor, my pastor. Sadly, I got involved to help destroy the pastor. I thought, ‘If Dr. Dixon believes we should do this, then we should do this.’ It wasn’t until years later, after pastoring a church myself that I finally admitted how I was used by Dr. Dixon to do his bidding. I trusted him. But it just did not get rid of the pastor: it was the death-knell of the entire church. There we were, a growing, thriving church, with a new building and great outreaches. We had many families coming, getting saved, turning their whole lives over to Jesus. Now, thanks to Dr. Greg Dixon, there is no church in that whole area. It is gone. Years later, I stood up in a Revival meeting, faced this pastor whom I helped Dr. Dixon to destroy, and I apologized to him for having been a part of that conspiracy. Other men who were used by Dr. Dixon came over the years and apologized to their pastor. You know the strange thing? This pastor who was destroyed and whose church was destroyed, lovingly accepted our apologies and forgave us for what we did. I became that pastor’s dear friend until the day he died. I had him preach in my church over the years, and he did wonderfully. I would never have Dr. Greg Dixon preach in my church – ever. Dr. Dixon destroyed the church, families’ lives, individual’s lives, and he destroyed this pastor. And he didn’t even flinch. He did it with such precision that I always wondered how many other churches and pastors has he destroyed over the years. Sadly, with Regrets, Pastor _____________” (VOGD Team withholds the name due to the fact that this pastor’s church could be the next one destroyed if his name is found out.)

Another Church Meddled with by Dr. Greg Dixon

  • “I read the other statement about the church that Dr. Dixon had a hand in destroying and I could not keep silent any longer. I was a member of a strong local church in Southern Indiana. We had a crude, but strong preacher. He was a real Christian man. There were some problems with building a building when three former members went down to the Indiana Statehouse and Incorporated our church, naming themselves as the incorporators. Then they went and redeeded the church property to a single girl member of the church. An attorney helped them do most of this, but Dr. Dixon counseled the three men that this was the only way to wrestle the property control away from our pastor. It spent a long time in court and eventually we lost our church property thanks to Dr. Dixon’s counsel. How could someone who preaches that churches should be unincorporated, advise three men who were NOT a part of a church anymore to incorporate the church and steal the property? I never could understand how Dr. Dixon could, with any kind of a conscience, do something like this to another local church. From reading these other posts, maybe he doesn’t even have a conscience. With a heavy heart, Mrs. _________” (Name withheld, but verified by VOGD Team)

He Destroyed His Own Church Also

  • “Gentlemen, I do not know where you could use this, but I wanted to get the folks who read this website to understand that the Dixons’ have destroyed their own church also. One of the first things I have seen happen to a solid church that departs from the faith is their tendency to compromise in their music. Then comes the Bible correcting, giving NIV meanings to KJV words, for example. Then they have to get rid of the ‘Old Guard’ of church folks and bring in the younger ones. Greg A. came to one of our midweek services one time and approached me afterwards, commenting on the ‘hellfire and damnation’ preaching he heard that night. After talking to him for a time I could sense that Greg had changed from when we were in college together. I knew he had attended one of Rick Warren’s church seminars, so that is probably where he got a lot of his church leanings. When a pastor goes to the place of changing everything (music, messages, services, elderly to youth), the next comes the entrance of heresy (Kingdom Exclusion). That is the only way to keep everyone still there in line. In Christ, Pastor _______” (VOGD Team verified name and email.)

Another Pastor Being Destroyed as You Read This

  • “I was so relieved to visit your site. My pastor is under attack from Greg Dixon right now as I write this. He has been a wonderful pastor for the past 21 years for our church. He baptized our children and performed their marriage ceremonies and has been such a great testimony to all of us here. He has a wonderful wife and family and they are such inspirations to our whole church family. We have a growing and vibrant Baptist church with 100 or more people attending. That is a lot of people attending a church in our area. Greg Dixon has used an ex-attender of our church to feed him lies about our pastor. I KNOW they are lies personally. But Greg Dixon does not care about the truth; only hurting our pastor. Our pastor has shared all of these things with us men of the church, every letter and email that Greg Dixon has sent out to try to destroy him, his family, and our church. Why do other pastors let Greg Dixon get away with doing things like this? Don’t they care about one of Christ’s churches? About one of Christ’s men? Our pastor has handled this very well. He does not want to attack Greg Dixon. He told us that he just thinks that Dr. Dixon has some mental problems due to his age and bad health that have caused him to go off the deep end. But why is no one stopping Greg Dixon? This is so terrible. Again, thank you for your site. It is quite reassuring that others have gone through what we are now going through. I just hope Greg Dixon does not destroy what it has taken pastor over 20 years to build up into a strong Baptist church with many young people wanting to serve the Lord. Most Sincerely, _______ _______” (VOGD Team verified email and name)

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