Victims’ Statements


Here is where we will be placing the victim’s statements of individuals whose lives, marriages, inheritances and families were hurt by Dr. Greg J. Dixon.

Person’s Whole Life and Marriage Ruined

  • Thank you for this site. I have always wanted to tell my story, but no one would listen to me. I would like to tell everyone exactly the man Mr. Dixon truly was/is. I suffered tremendous abuse at his hands – through himself, his son, and another man at that so-called church. Mr. Dixon caused everyone there to not be willing or able to: 1) Hear the other side of the accusations against me – all you heard about was from that great bastion of truth, Greg Dixon. 2) Restore a person. I needed help, but he shunned me, marked me, and turned me away. I could not get any ministry after this. I was blackballed by his denominational machine. Maybe once you experience the real Mr. Dixon and his bullies for yourself, you will remember my writing this and wonder if there was another side to the story. I was a “kid” – attacked by a pack of wolves masquerading as ‘men of God.’ The sham that was IBT was revealed to me early and I am eternally grateful to have separated from them when I did. But it was an unbelievably painful experience that I would not wish on anyone. I am better for it, refined. But it was brutal. Sincerely, _________” (Name withheld, but verified – VOGD Team)

A Family Swindled Out of Inheritance Property

  • Many years ago, the Sr. Dixon and Jr. Dixon both played a part in us losing our inheritance. I think ‘swindled’ is the appropriate term. They had promised to pay us for land which our parents left us. I met Sr. Dixon at an attorney’s office and he cried crocodile tears and said he would make sure we would be paid. After that I could not get ahold of him. I then met with Jr. Dixon for an hour meeting and he told me, ‘My dad is losing it.’ Meaning he was not all there. I had a legal guy and an attorney both tell me a contract we had signed for the property was not good because it left the Dixon’s completely in control of everything. The attorney in Indianapolis told us that he would no longer work for them because they had ‘Swindled lots of older folks out of their houses and land.’ I thought of the Pharisees when he said that. They had agreed to pay us $130,000.00 for the property over time. After that, they sold the property to someone else for $20,000 (he told the IRS he had paid for the land) and the same man gave the church $35,000. But this man owned our property. We ended up getting nothing for the property to this day. They even had another pastor come over to our house and plead with us to not sue the church. We did not because they were already in trouble with the IRS for 6,000,000. We figured we would never see the money anyway. I just wanted to write this, not because I want to hurt them. I have forgiven them many years ago because I do not want to be bitter. But maybe if I tell my story here, someone else in the future who may be signing over to the church their family home and property would think twice about trusting these two men. And when it was found out that they knew several in their congregation knew of our situation, Jr. Dixon spoke to the crowd and spun everything their way. We never got a hearing, and because we were Christians we were told we could not Biblically sue them. I always thought, if THEY were Christians, they never would have been ‘Biblically’ able to swindle us. Lesson learned. God has been good. He blesses. But someday, I hope HE judges them for what they did to us. Most Sincerely, ________ “(Name withheld, but verified by VOGD Team. Click here to read a similar story in detail.)

Cult Leader Joey Faust/ Greg Dixon Connection

  • “I was a faithful member of Joey Faust’s church for over 20 years and immediately left after his wife exposed him for domestic violence charges. He lost his wife and children, which I would say was a direct result of his false doctrine of Kingdom Exclusion. He only used that false teaching to keep people under his control. If someone didn’t obey him, he would put pressure on them by telling them they are getting close to doing something that they would miss reigning with Christ for 1000 years. After his book came out, some of us at the church were trying to distribute the book for Fundamental Books, Inc. It was really tough going with it being a pretty strange and new doctrine, and lots of opposition from main Christian leaders and pastors. It wasn’t until Dr. Dixon had Joey go national with his organization that the book sales actually picked up. And then when Dr. Dixon’s son adopted the false doctrine and started preaching it books started flying off the shelf. If this false and damning doctrine continues to permeate good Bible churches, it will be the result of the Dixon’s and their promotion of Joey, and their adopting at least some form of Kingdom Exclusion. I am glad I finally got out of that ‘church.’ I will pray for others in these churches that preach and teach this false doctrine. Watch out for these preachers that teach this false doctrine. And watch out for all those people that they abuse by trying to control them with it. Grace in Christ, ________” (Name withheld, but verified by VOGD Team) 

Dixon Heresy Causes Broken Marriages

  • “Dear VODGD, I live in the Dakotas and used to live in Texas and was a part of the Joey Faust Cult that Dr. Dixon espouses. I ran across both Pastor Williams and Pastor Evans’ sites, finding them exposing this heresy. Few people will ever know that wife abuse is a part of this and many marriages have been broken up by what is called “The Rod” in their thinking and practice. It is no great wonder to me that Dr. Dixon tries to destroy people like other pastors. Those into this heresy have lost their sensitivity to people and marriages and families. They just go after people as if they were the agents of God to make just the unjust. This heresy is SO SATANIC that I truly believe that Joey Faust is lost or he would never espouse such venom from hell. Only Satan could have such a lust to convince Christians that they are going to Hell with the Devil and his angels for 1000 years during the period of the Kingdom. The gold, silver and precious stones; the wood, hay and stubble are WORKS not people. When this heresy causes spousal abuse it is obvious who the source is. Thank you for your site. Sincerely, Mr. ______________” (Name withheld, but verified by VOGD Team)

Another Marriage Ruined by Greg Dixon’s Counsel

  • “Hello, my name is Mr. _______ ________ (Name withheld, but verified by VOGD Team). My wife always had trouble being married to me simply because she was never married before she married me, but I had been divorced before marrying her. She sought counsel from Greg Dixon by phone. This was after he responded to several of her emails, setting up a phone call counsel. She explained the situation to him and he advised that she had grounds to divorce me. We had two children at the time. Greg Dixon broke my marriage and family up. I have always loved the Lord Jesus, and several of our pastors counseled us to stay together, and that my salvation that came after my divorce, and my subsequent remarriage was fine and to not undo it. One pastor told us, that even now, God hates divorce and for us to remain married, if for nothing else by the sake of the children and the picture of Christ being married. Dr. Dixon approved of her divorcing me. I was completely devastated. My two sons eventually went their own way into the world, and I am all alone now. My ex-wife is not doing any better either. She is still very bitter and I think she would undo what Dr. Dixon told her to do in a minute, but pride is keeping her from doing that. Please pray for me as I try to win her back. Thank you for praying for me. Sincerely, ______

Another Changed Will Swindle of the Elderly

  • “Hey, thanks for the site. It makes it easy to reveal things that would have gotten me crucified before. This is basic “Soap Opera” IBT style involving Dr. Dixon and an elderly man named Charlie Scudder, who was the one with the will. Dr. Dixon used some of his puppets to get Charlie to change his will, taking the lady who was taking care of Charlie and two long-time friends (a fine elderly church couple) OUT of the will. IBT/Dr. Dixon and a man named Brock were put in it in their places. The real legal problem was that this was done in the presence of Dr. Dixon and this Brock fellow. This elderly couple took care of Charlie on a frequent basis in his last days, so the original will was one of a good gesture toward them for their kindness. Unlike “other people,” this couple was not doing good things because of the money. The elderly man of the couple talked to me about this wrongdoing, and I told him that he had a right to contest the change in the will, but he, being a fine Christian man, chose not to do so. I have been told that the other lady who took care of Charlie did contest the will, but this Brock fellow stated in court that he took what was Charlie’s, paid for the funeral, and gave the rest to IBT, (VOGT Team – “Convenient!”) which being interpreted means the Dixons. The Money Changers were not only in the Temple in Jerusalem, but also in the Temple in Indianapolis. The Lord cast the money changers out of His temple once, and I’m praying that he will do it in His own time and in His own way again. And I’m glad to be able to finally reveal the Truth behind their taking advantage of the elderly people in that “Temple.” Sign me, A. Nony Mous (Real name and email address verified by VOGD Team)

I Was Used, and Then I was Betrayed

  • “Many years ago I was used by Greg (J. Dixon) to take packets to other pastors about a certain pastor when I traveled to other churches. After I became the victim of Greg’s wrath and left his good graces I reconciled with that brother whom I shared the bad information with others. I was told by one of Greg’s pastor friends how wrong that was because ‘birds of a feather flock together.’ Well, it seems that such is really true. I have said from the beginning that Greg is like a rattlesnake under attack from the roadrunner. The roadrunner finds a snake sleeping in the sun on a rock and quietly surrounds him with cactus pods and then flies over and drops one on his head. The angry snake begins to lash out, striking in every direction, except that each time he strikes, he hits another cactus pod until finally he kills himself and the bird eats him. We were simply cactus pods to Greg. It seems that God has surrounded him with such: the Greater Ministries scam, Pastor L_____, Joey Faust’s heresy and family fiasco, etc., etc., and each time he lashes out, he intends to do great damage, but only damages himself. It is not pleasant to watch and I certainly get no joy from it. I tried to explain this to that pastor friend of his and get him to use his influence to head it off, but to no avail. Sadly, Pastor ______ ____ (VOGD Team verified name and email address.)


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