This is a video that Dr. Greg Dixon has never publically refuted. If he chooses to do so by contacting our “Victims Team,” then we will be glad to note his disagreement with what was preached about him. However, until he does that, this remains the truth as it is given. If we do find any errors in the preaching, we will add them here as they may be revealed to us by anyone, if they can prove the error. When challenged by Dixon Defenders about this video,  the pastor wrote a column to let everyone know that his charges that Dr. Dixon is a heretic are true and will be found here.


This video shows how far the church has come in their sensual so-called “worship” in their services. My, how far they have come since those years where only piano music was allowed for music accompaniment. It leaves us with a bad taste in our mouths to have to even point out those women with yoga pants on the platform, wiggling and bouncing in front of all those Christian men. If this is what teaching Kingdom Exclusion does to a church, may God curse it just for the end result. Please forgive our having to play the sensual, Rock Music. Turn it down if it offends you. But still listen to the words. And I could not help seeing the full drum set on the platform. Salient words to the song: “We will dance with the One who shines brighter than the sun.”



Due to the fact that several are already starting to download and share the video of Greg A Dixon unbelievably crediting Joey Faust with mentoring him in Kingdom Exclusion, we have decided to put a smaller megabyte of the same video on the video page. That way it is easier to download and share, even by email. This was preached at Joey Faust’s group on January 10, 2016.